Our management group has the successful combination of highly innovative administrative structure, decades of experience to select and train our security officers going beyond industry standards, and provide ethical business practices, so you receive quality at reasonable rates! We want to provide valuable protection for your personal and benefit your business prosperity. The following are some key reasons, why to choose KForce!

K-Force Security Service Sdn. Bhd . Was incorporated on 19 July 1991, founded by Mr K. Y. NG. Formerly known as K. K. Guard Dogs Kennel Service

Effectively supported by canine and technological resources, with tested security procedures and strategies, K-FORCE has grew to a size of over 800 security professionals, armed and unarmed guards of both genders, with a paid -up capital oh RM 800,000.

Based in Johor Bahru, our rapidly growing force and presence in the security sector is due to our commitment to our clients. Structured on personal and corporate security needs, K-FORCE has expanded no only on its professional workforce but also its type of services:

  • K-Force Security Guards Services
  • K-Force Escort Services & Cash-in-Transit (CIT) Services
  • K-Force Bodyguard Service
  • K-Force Armed Response Team
  • K-Force Central Monitoring Services (CMS)
  • Carewide Services – Installation and Maintenance of Security Hardware

K-FORCE has been providing essential corporate security services throughout the Southern region of Peninsular Malaysia and has recently expended its services to cover the Central and Northern regions of the nation.

Our Guarantee & Commitment
Back-up services within 30 minutes
Placement of guard as committed
Replacement of unsatisfactory guard within 30 minutes


K-force Security will provide well trained certified guards for one or more of the following purpose:
“To guard entrances and screen guests/employees”
“To provide cash-in-transit service for commercial sector”
“To monitor clients’ premises with Central Monitoring equipment”
“To protect clients’ assets,employees and guests”“To organize response in the case of fire, evacuation, or other emergency”

“To respond to customer and empoyee health emergencies and accidents”


K-force Security Services Sdn Bhd is a team of security solutions’ professional who always strive to enhance our security environment. Our team is formed by experienced & trained ex-army personal, ex-police force and security officers whom posses the necessary skills & knowledge required in their field.


Alarm Systems send alarm signals over telephone landline to a central monitoring station, it works as the link between your home and the police station, fire emergency, and emergency response department.
The Central monitoring station is working under 24hours a day, and 365days a year by trained operators to respond to emergencies.
The security operators take the relevant action to inform the police or home owner.

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