Our security gatekeepers and security officers are the reason KForce has developed into one of the zone’s biggest and most effective security suppliers. With our extensive variety of customers and enterprises we serve, our qualified security protects speak to our customers in the most expert way conceivable. With the shifting degrees of experience and preparing our officers have, we can accomplice the suitable officer and customer.


Research has demonstrated that in numerous examples the security officer is the early introduction for your association. Therefore KForce offers a wide cluster of choices with the goal that you may pick what that impression will be: from the ultra-proficient Blazer style, to the conventional Military dress lastly to a definitive in security implementation: our unique groups uniform. Whatever the site particular condition calls for, from assembling, social insurance, retail, or any industry that uses security, KForce is set up to meet and surpass your desires.


KForce offers a wide exhibit of security related administrations to our customers all through the nation. Our accomplished staff has some expertise in numerous fields. The legitimately prepared individual is constantly cooperated with the suitable mission. Our broad foundation in observation, criminal examinations, and covert tasks has demonstrated significant in court procedures including inhabitant ousting.




  • Uniformed / Plain Clothes Security Officers
  • Armed / Unarmed
  • Construction Patrol Guard Service

KForce provides unarmed and armed security guards. We have experience with Federal contracts, Apartment complexes, warehouses, factories, construction sites, retail stores, hotels, auto dealerships, schools, special events and more. Security officers are trained in house and on location. Security officers are available for full uniform and plain clothed positions.


  • Cruiser Patrols
  • Alarm Responses
  • Fully Marked Vehicles

Patrol Guard Service provides marked and unmarked vehicles for patrolling construction sites, plaza parking lots, apartment complexes, auto dealerships, and more. Patrols can be used to check doors, windows, gates, and deter trespassers, vandalism, and criminal activity. Patrols can be ideal for a smaller business that would like an onsite security presence.


  • Crowd Control
  • Parking/Traffic Control
  • Personal Protection

KForce’s administration staff has administrated the security points of interest for a portion of the most astounding profile occasions in the central region. We have the experience, and skill to join forces with your occasion staff to guarantee a sheltered and fruitful occasion. The majority of our occasion officers are all around prepared in occasion related issues, for example, forceful conduct administration, utilization of power, bomb danger and identification, and the energy of capture. Our occasion officers are required to experience broad preparing in swarm control strategies that maintain a strategic distance from risk and prosecution. Constantly KForce, keeps up the most noteworthy conceivable level of attentiveness and secrecy.


At KForce Security we have a feeling of obligation with regards to the assurance of our country’s points of interest, social organizations and basic framework. It is an obligation KForce Security meets each day with solid and powerful security programs sponsored by our accomplished, government-centered enrolling, preparing and administration groups. Wellbeing and security are basic to the effective activity of the country’s administration offices and KForce Security conveys on our guarantee to secure and serve each day and guarantee your central goal’s prosperity.


With innovation changing at such an uncommon pace, staying up to date with the most recent programming, gadgets, strategies, and instruments accessible it top need. Reconnaissance, electronic observing, cross examination, and back ground checks, are only a couple of cases of touchy circumstances, which KForce handles with the most extreme polished methodology, and secrecy. Our chance tried strategies have turned out to be lawfully official, and extremely valuable in the suit procedure. Our KForce investigative experts are completely prepared and experienced in their specific field of ability. This guarantees the ideal match individual, for the current case.


  • Loss Prevention Training and Awareness
  • Parking Area Patrol
  • 24/7 Dispatch and Supervision

The obligation of ensuring a dealer’s benefits is something that Kforce has exceeded expectations at throughout the years. Being trusted with a huge number of dollars of stock is an assignment our expert security protect staff flourishes with. By actualizing a misfortune aversion procedure (that incorporates workers), we have possessed the capacity to essentially dispose of misfortunes at for a significant number of our retail customers.

Giving formally dressed very noticeable officers at all passageways and ways out, we give a nearness that has demonstrated fruitful as a hindrance. We likewise use covert officers to catch would be hoodlum’s in the demonstration. At a few of our retail accounts, we work as one with the “in house security” to give a twofold protection against misfortune.

Escort and CIT operations

Direct and control the work and resources of the CIT operations. Ensure maintenance of high level of security



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